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       Hefei letter art sculpture is the collection design、Production、Installation as one of the professional company。All kinds of works are widely used in high-grade entertainment center The business center The resort The amusement park Villa Scenic spots The urban construction The real estate Landscape School, etc。The main products are made of sandstone、Glass fiber reinforced plastic、Stone grcCement。Can be customized according to the customer to figure。 At present Our company with excellent workmanship and reasonable price, and a number of landscape company The landscape company Decoration engineering co., LTD Real estate developers and become strategic partners,You are welcome to visit my company and business negotiations。 ...
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Characteristics of the sandstone sculptures
  Sandstone sculpture The main material for artificial sandstone。Artificial sandstone sculpture not only has natural stone hard、...
Relief to make these little common sense you know
  Relief Also is a kind of sculpture,Sculpture will be what you want to express to shape carved out on a tablet...
How campus sculpture for routine maintenance?
  A very important part of campus sculpture as an art,Nowadays Chinese stone carving、Stone carving and stone crafts...
How about the innovation and development of stone industry
  Stone carvings Has a long history,All previous dynasties imperial palace of the jinshui bridge huabiao、After the founding of the top ten architectural sculpture and so on...
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